Why Us?



Our team has been in the industry since the early 80's.

We are driven to provide Safe, Secure, Cutting Edge Hosting, Design, Custom Programming and Client Support.


Pros of Using Us

PHILIDWAY is a very refreshing user-friendly hosting provider that has managed to deliver new ideas and services in various areas, which also includes the loading time for the page.

Let us go through the various positive sides of selecting PHILIDWAY SOLUTIONS LLC.


Faster And Better Than Others

As mentioned above PHILIDWAY has managed to load websites faster than others. Wet will give you the satisfaction of using us the moment you notice that your page has started to load 29% faster.

Every client that we have hosted with us notice that their page loading has always been quick and consistent.



Late 1990s and early 2000s were the time when web hosts started making progress in the hosting world and major web hosts were introduced. But unfortunately the time has now changed a lot since then hence it is important for the hosting companies to come up with something new that isn’t old and outdated but easy to use and understand to remain at the top slot.

There will be so any times when you will learn that finding small information on mobile sites is a task all thanks to the hosting of the website! There are hosting companies who do not have the edge of providing something that’s easy, non-confusing and appealing to the customers.

But thankfully, PHILIDWAY has kept in mind the need of today’s fast pace world. We offer you a website which is hassle free, organized plus we pay special attention to the information hierarchy making your job easy and not to forget user friendly.

Attention to small details like these is an important aspect for people who are looking for something better and faster.


Free site Migration plus 45 days’ money back guarantee

A 30-day money back guarantee is a standard rule that every company follows. PHILIDWAY on the other hand decided to take few steps ahead and not follow the usual; you get a month and a half before you to lock in.


Why Should You Prefer Us?

PHILIDWAY is on a mission, Mission to do things better. We are committed to continuously evaluate and improve our product and services. We do not wish to be run the race but to be far ahead from the competition and most importantly for us, it’s the clients that matters the most.

The comfort and wishes of our customers come first for PHILIDWAY. We not only use high-spec hardware but also make every effort to maintain just like promised.


24 * 7 customer care

We don’t just make promises of good service but deliver to maintain that promise. If you face any trouble with your hosting wey promise to be there for you irrespective of the time along with a solution in their hand. Wey promise to be there before the problem gets you.


PHILIDWAY offers the following support:

  • # Knowledgebase
  • # Direct email links to email your support inquiry
  • # Community Forums with limited access to non-customers
  • # Customer support tickets
  • # Company news with official PHILIDWAY announcements


Safe and secure

You can put your money on our safety and security. The packages offered are guarded by enterprise grade backup solutions. As we understand the importance of your data and take all the steps to ensure its security and safety.



PHILIDWAY not only guarantees but also have been consistantly proving our reliability as a web hosting service provider. For the best web hosting that is secure and reliable PHILIDWAY uses the best premium data centers all around the world.


Control Panel

Many companies provide a cPanel that is so confusing that customers end up irritated. But that isn’t the case with PHILIDWAY, We offer you standard industry cPanel control therefore you will not end up pulling your hair out on very step rather you will be seated comfortably and making your progress.

You will be allowed easy email, administration of files, security, database, domains and hosting accounts. We offer you brilliant management features along with commonly used applications.

WHM stands for Webhost Manager also known as the sister application of cPanel for those who have reseller accounts. WHM plays its role well when it comes to managing files just like cPanel, intact they both prove to be really smooth to use.